Group Class Training

What makes Generation Fitness Group Training different?

Our classes are offered at a variety of times to fit your busy schedule. Class times are limited to 30-45 min to optimize your time efficiently. ​

Our class schedule is designed to allow members to focus on specific areas of fitness. Whether that is a specific body part or fitness goal, we are prepared to help you get there. ​

Our class coaching staff is prepared to tailor group training to your specific needs and abilities. ​

Our variety in class offerings allows you to retake classes from week to week while keeping your routine fresh. No two classes will ever be entirely alike.

Boot Camp
Combines elements of strength training with intense cardio drills. Develop speed, agility, strength, endurance and flexibility using challenging strength and cardio exercises. Classes use body bars, barbells, dumbbells and more.
Build the your core strength and tone those abs with our 30-minute mid-section targeted workout. We guarantee you'll feel this one tomorrow.